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Innovation creates new possibilities — possibilities that can transform our lives.

But innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It affects people. It changes the status quo. Regulators and policymakers respond.

Too often, the old rules don't work. They reflect the past, not the future. They are rigid. They change slowly. They capture our fears, but miss our dreams.

We need to find new ways forward.


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The Innovation Economy

Insights begin with knowledge. That’s why I’m proud to collaborate with Silicon Valley Bank on its annual survey of more than 1,200 executives from high-growth companies around the world, from early-stage startups to large global enterprises.

Silicon Valley Bank’s Innovation Economy Outlook reports examine the make-up of the innovation economy, how high-growth companies are performing, the opportunities and challenges they face, and how those vary across different sectors and geographies.

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Innovation Policy

Public policy is having an increasing impact on high-growth, innovative companies.

In part, that's because public policy is having an increasing effect on all businesses. In part, it's because the "innovation economy" is now an important part of the overall U.S. economy and U.S. consumers' lives. And in part, it's because entrepreneurs are moving into traditionally regulated sectors, like financial services, education, and transportation.

For innovation to thrive, entrepreneurs need to understand where policies are headed, and policymakers need to understand how their decisions affect the small, young, rapidly growing companies that will define our economy's future.

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Digital Currencies

Digital currencies – including but not limited to Bitcoin – have the potential to transform our financial system and our economy. Done right, they could unleash another wave of economic and social change on the scale of the Internet.

Yet transformation isn't easy, particularly in financial services. To unlock digital currencies’ promise, we need to clarify their potential benefits, understand the regulatory, technological and market conditions necessary for those benefits to emerge, and develop an intellectually honest, politically viable vision for how to govern and regulate them.

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Innovation Policy
Berkeley Business Law Journal
June – 2011

How Labels Get in the Way of US Innovation Policy

Public policies shape the environment within which high-growth companies exist. But Washington DC's institutions are ill-equipped to think about innovation policy in a comprehensive way.

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Digital Currencies
California Assembly, Committee on Banking & Finance
November 21 – 2013

Testimony: The Technology of Consumer Financial Transactions

Innovation in payment technologies can improve the lives of Californians and strengthen California's economy. But the payments revolution is in its infancy, and policymakers need to give innovation the time and space to develop.

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Innovation Policy
Winter 2014

Policy Outlook 2014

Public policy's impact on the innovation economy continues to increase. Read how, why, and the top policy issues likely to face growing companies during 2014.

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Digital Currencies
Austin, TX
March 17 – 2015

Breaking Bitcoin:  Flash in Pan or Future of Money?

Hosted by SXSW

Innovation Economy
San Francisco, CA
March 5 – 2015

Public Policy & the Effect of Regulation on the Growth of the Financial Sector

Hosted at The Trading Show - West Coast 2015

Digital Currencies
San Francisco, CA
October 21 – 2014

Digital Currencies: The Next Internet?

Hosted by BKR International

Digital Currencies
New York, NY
October 14 – 2014

Regulating Digital Currency:  The BitLicense and the Internet of Value

Hosted by Cardozo Law School

Digital Currencies
Washington, DC
October 10 – 2014

The Future of Money in the Digital Age

Hosted by the Institute of International Finance

Digital Currencies
New York, NY
July 29 – 2014

Bitcoin for Bankers: Regulating Bitcoin

Hosted by American Banker

Digital Currencies
New York, NY
July 17 – 2014

Understanding Bitcoin

Hosted by Elevate/Second Market

Digital Currencies
July 22 – 2014

Bitcoin: All the Way to the General Ledger

Hosted by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)

Digital Currencies
Los Angeles, CA
June 12 – 2014

Intellectual Property & the Internets

Hosted by the California Bar – IP Section

Digital Currencies
Los Angeles, CA
May 3 – 2014

Bitcoin and Digital Currencies: The Future of Money?

Hosted by the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum

Innovation Policy
San Francisco, CA
April 29 – 2014

The JOBS Act:  How Silicon Valley Won in Washington

Hosted by Bay Area Council/MsJD/Latham & Watkins

Digital Currencies
New York, NY
April 8 – 2014

Bitcoin, Remittances and the Developing World

Hosted by Inside Bitcoin

Innovation Economy
Santa Clara, CA
March – 2014

The US Innovation Economy

Hosted by The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Innovation Policy
Napa Valley, CA
February 27 – 2014

Public Policy's Impact on ICT Investment

Hosted by California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy (CFEE)

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